Crypto Portfolio Management

Invest in cryptocurrencies effortlessly and safely without taking any action on your part.

  • 8% Monthly Return on investment
  • Fully automated Secure API trading
  • 1 Month Min. investment period
  • $5,000 Minimum investment

About service

Portfolio managementPortfolio management is a service in which skilled and experienced traders manage the investment portfolios of their clients.

Create passive incomeThe service is intended for customers looking to generate passive income or boost the return on their existing assets.

Higher annual returnsCryptocurrency markets outperform traditional markets in terms of yearly returns. (For example, stock, real estate)

How to start

Send an application
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Create new Binance API keys in your exchange

Pass the API credentials to the team & let us do the job for you.

BlackBird trading system

Multiple orders provide for an average entry price even during a dip.

Asset diversification ensures sustainability to crises.

The combination of low-risk strategies delivers a consistent monthly ROI of 8%.

Trading assets

Top 50 cryptocurrencies, as determined by capitalization, provide the highest transaction liquidity.

The use of a flexible set of indicators & strategies enables the optimum performance at all stages of the market cycle.

Swing trading positions can last many days, but they provide consistent and low-risk gains.

The assets are chosen based on the results of daily technical and fundamental studies.

Trading managers utilize the unique BlackBird trading method to pick which portfolios to invest in.

Take profit and stop loss ensure a position won't stuck in your portfolio

BlackBird trading system

Comprehensive technical and fundamental research identifies the most appropriate strategy at each point of the market cycle. Then, the best amount of diversity and the most potential assets are picked based on the specified strategy methods. Finally, positions volume is amassed at the most powerful support levels to achieve the lowest entry price.

The system fulfills professional trading requirements and delivers reliable risk hedging during market crises.

Consider the following example:

Before a market downturn, a position opened at $100. BlackBird discovers support levels and executes DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging) orders at $80 and $70, bringing the entry price to $85 on average.

The price returns to $90 due to natural adjustment. Therefore, despite the price being 10% lower than when we started, we may close the trade with a profit of +5.8 percent.

Profit sharing

A beginning and ending portfolio value is recorded and utilized to compute statistics.

The profit-sharing commission percentage is determined by portfolio size and is paid only after completing a trading session.

Investor share
BlackBird share


Portfolio size

5 000 USDT


Portfolio size

30 000 USDT


Portfolio size

70 000 USDT


Portfolio size

150 000 USDT

Safety and guarantees

No payments in advance

When a trading period is finished, you only share a portion of the earned profit.

Low-risk strategies only

Our objective is to form long-term relationships with investors. A consistent 8% monthly profit turns into a 152 percent compounded yearly return on investment.

Secure API connection

We utilize API keys without withdrawal access, so we have no access to your fund, and you have exclusive control over your account.

Connect your portfolio

Send an application to be assigned a portfolio management team. We will contact you soon!

What our clients say

BlackBird Trading is fantastic! I can't believe I've upped my deposit 2.5 times in a year. I've been following these guys since they started, and I'm grateful that they invited me to test portfolio management.

Jack Aldridge

That's the ideal solution for me: automated trading through API with no upfront charges; I only share a quarter of the profits the BlackBird trader make for me! No more memberships for me; I'm done!

Isabella Lewis

When the bitcoin market plummeted by 50%, I was frightened to check-in, but the next day I saw that my portfolio had not been damaged! They bought assets at rock-bottom prices, and I made a lot of money in May!

Marco Barracelli

My savings ratio increased after I joined portfolio management because each dollar spent now has the potential to be worth two dollars the following year. These six months have been fantastic. I still can't believe it's true.

Samuel Adamson

I invest for almost 8 years and surprised cryptocurrency markets can outperform stocks in terms of risk and reward. BlackBird traders are professionals they keep my portfolio positive each month

Harry Johnson

Frequently asked questions

  • What should I do to join the BlackBird portfolio management service?

    Complete the following steps to join the BlackBird portfolio management service:

    1. Create an account on Binance Exchange.
    2. Verify your account if the exchange you’ve chosen requires it.
    3. Deposit funds into your exchange account using the most convenient payment method accepted by the exchange.
    4. Create API keys in your account.
    5. Make an application by filling out the form here.

    All steps are well-explained on the Binance exchange. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to send your questions to

  • Do I have to conduct any trading transactions myself?

    Portfolio management enables users with little or no knowledge to invest in cryptocurrencies safely and conveniently.

    The service provides passive income with no effort on your side. Professionals from the BlackBird team handle trading procedures. There is no need to learn complicated theories and charts, and there is no need for a grueling daily trading routine or emotional burnout.

  • Who does trade operations?

    BlackBird trading system operates your account for opening the trade. But the trade is provided by professional traders using the best BlackBird strategies, which ensures the best performance at every stage of the market cycle.

  • What is the expected return on investment?

    Our main goal is to build a long-term partnership with investors. Accordingly, we follow a low-risk trading approach and believe stable returns are better than speculative gains.

    BlackBird trading system brings an 8% return per month on average, resulting in a 152% compounded annual return to investment if you accumulate profits.

  • What is a Minimum investing period?

    One month is the minimum investment time.

    When a term is over, you can accumulate profit or withdraw it.

  • What assurances can BlackBird offer?

    BlackBird Portfolio Management is based on our ongoing study and development in cryptocurrency markets, which we have been conducting since 2016. We started the service for private investors in 2020. We have seen long-term effects since the introduction.

    The BlackBird system is developed on multidirectional methods and broad asset diversification. The advanced BlackBird trading system is unaffected by market movements. Even during market crises with sudden drops of up to 60%, the strategy delivered dependable risk hedging and sustained profits. A fund manager manages your portfolio.

    We promise that your portfolio will be managed by following skilled traders’ best practices using an individual strategy. We do not seek high-risk gains and feel that steadiness is the key to success!

  • Is it possible to lose funds?

    A total loss of your cash is completely ruled out! We don’t utilize leverage and only trade on the spot market.

    We only open short trade in futures with a 1X leverage and a strict stop loss. As a result, your funds are always secure.

    It is possible to see a minor drop during a trading period, but this is under control and consistent with the accumulation tactics.

    Usually, the decrease doesn’t last long and is recovered quickly on each natural upward correction.

  • Do I need to deposit funds to BlackBird account to join the program?

    No, you do not need to deposit money into your BlackBird account!

    We utilize API keys without withdrawal access, so we have no access to your fund, and you have exclusive control over your account.

    Be aware of services that ask you to send funds to their accounts!

  • Is it safe to use API keys?

    API keys are encrypted and stored in a safe location with no external connections. When creating API keys, you should also restrict the withdrawal options.

    The API connection enables only buy and sell orders to be created, ensuring that there is no possibility of fraud. You have the ability to pause and delete API keys from your account at any moment.

    After considering everything, it is feasible to conclude that exchanging API keys is the safest technique to execute portfolio management.

  • Do I need to pay for a subscription?

    No, there is no need to pay for a subscription! We only take a share from the earned profit only.

    The standard trading period is one calendar month. A starting and ending balance is recorded in order to construct a period statistic.

    When results are provided to you, you only receive a portion of the earned profit.

  • What is included in statistic report?

    When the trading period is finished, we present the following information to each investor:

    1. A detailed list of trades includes:
      1. Position ticker
      2. Open and close dates
      3. Duration
      4. Return
    2. Summary statistic of a period with chart
    3. Summary statistic of all periods with chart
  • How profit sharing is conducted?

    When the trading period is over, a manager assigned to your account will contact you and give you a summary statistic that includes the realized return and BlackBird profit-sharing commission value.

    You will be given a USDT (TRC-20 or ERC-20) payment wallet address by the manager. You can split profits with BlackBird by transferring commission funds from your exchange account to BlackBird’s payment wallet.

    Once profit sharing is agreed upon, the management records the beginning amount for the following period, and traders resume their job.

  • What quote assets do you use?

    We trade pairs with stable coins which are fully backed by the US dollar such as USDT because it ensures there are no additional exchange rate fluctuations risks.

    When you connect to the BlackBird Portfolio management program we convert the amount you would like to use for trading into a stable coin and use it to enter positions.

  • Why was my application placed on queue?

    Unfortunately, we cannot accept everyone since the number of trading teams allotted to each investment is restricted.

    We are continually expanding the trade department by accepting new talent, so don’t be frustrated if you were not invited.

    You are at the top of the queue, and we will send you an invitation as soon as a new trading team is created.

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