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The only trading crypto / forex signals you will ever need. BlackBird is a team of professional traders who provide crypto / forex signals.


Trading Signals

BlackBird Signals is a market-neutral strategy that allows you to profit regardless of market direction.

Our professional traders provide signals based on technical analysis, market trends, SMC, SNR, patterns & order block concepts. As a result, our members earn around 2% a day in passive income.

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Trading Indicators

Do you want to increase your profit? Our trading indicators provide entry and exit indications. You can even identify the chart patterns. We are releasing it soon. Stay tuned!

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What our clients say

BlackBird Trading is fantastic! I can't believe I've upped my deposit 2.5 times in a year. I've been following these guys since they started, and I'm grateful that they invited me to test portfolio management.

Jack Aldridge

That's the ideal solution for me: automated trading through API with no upfront charges; I only share a quarter of the profits the BlackBird trader make for me! No more memberships for me; I'm done!

Isabella Lewis

When the bitcoin market plummeted by 50%, I was frightened to check-in, but the next day I saw that my portfolio had not been damaged! They bought assets at rock-bottom prices, and I made a lot of money in May!

Marco Barracelli

My savings ratio increased after I joined portfolio management because each dollar spent now has the potential to be worth two dollars the following year. These six months have been fantastic. I still can't believe it's true.

Samuel Adamson

I've been investing for about eight years and have been shocked that cryptocurrency markets may beat equities in terms of risk and profit. BlackBird traders are experts; they maintain my portfolio profitable month after month.

Harry Johnson