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These Terms and Conditions (the “Agreement”) are a contract between you and BlackBird Trading. Registering for any BlackBird Trading service will make you a member (or “Member”), and you agree that you will be bound by the terms (the” Terms”) as long as you are a Member. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THE TERMS, PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER FOR ANY SWING TRADE SERVICE. These Terms may be changed at any time and are effective upon your notice.

By entering this website, you agree to read, understand, and agree to be bound by the TERMS. You can review the most current version of the TERMS by going to this channel. BLACKBIRD TRADING MAY CHANGE THE TERMS AT ANY TIME AND WITHOUT NOTICE TO US.

1. Membership entails: You agree to the BlackBird trading terms and all the membership entails.

  • You can access BlackBird Trading servers for private, noncommercial purposes only.
  • Access to educational resources on trading analysis and market trends.

2. The membership does not include investment advice. By agreeing with the terms and conditions of BlackBird Trading, you agree to:

  • BlackBird Trading is not an investment advisor. The information on BlackBird Trading Server/Service does not constitute investment advice. You agree that the Server/Service content will not be considered one.
  • BlackBird Trading is not a broker for any financial products.
  • BlackBird Trading is not recommending that you buy, sell or hold any financial product.
  • Nothing on the Server/Service should be interpreted as an offer or solicitation to buy/sell securities by BlackBird Trading. You should consult a qualified financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

3. Responsibility for the use of the Website: You understand and agree that you are solely responsible for your actions and conclusion by the services provided on BlackBird Trading. You understand that BlackBird Trading and the Website Owner do not screen members or guarantee the accuracy of information. You understand and agree that you must take all reasonable precautions utilizing the information, education, and services of BlackBird Trading. Subject to these terms and conditions, you may not:

  • You may systematically copy (either by printing onto paper, storing it on disk, or web scraping) significant parts of the Server/Service.
  • Except as stated in these terms, you must not modify, remove or obscure anything from the Server/Service.
  • Without the written consent of BlackBird Trading or any information providers, you may not reproduce, retransmit and disseminate, distribute, sell, publish, broadcast, or use the Server/Service or anything from the Service in connection with creating, promoting trading, marketing investment products.

4. Limitations of liability and indemnification BlackBird Trading and its officers, employees, agents, and affiliates, as well as web-hosting service and licensees, are not liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages arising from your use of any services offered by BlackBird Trading. The Website Owner and its officers, employees, agents, licensees, web hosting service providers, and affiliates are with this indemnified and held harmless for all losses, costs, liabilities, and expenses (including court costs and settlements) that may arise from or relate to BlackBird Trade, including any breach of this Agreement.

  • BlackBird Trading has no control over the content or security of information passed over the network. BlackBird Trading disclaims all liability for any transmission or reception of illegal or infringing information.
  • BlackBird Trading accepts no liability for loss or damage suffered by you due to accessing server/Service content that contains any virus or which has been maliciously corrupted.
  • The Server/Service information is not designed for individual use. This could make it unsuitable for your investment decisions. Before making any investment decisions, it is good to consult a financial adviser.

5. Don’t rely on BlackBird trading. BlackBird Trading and Website Owner do not endorse the opinions, advice, statements, or comments. BlackBird Trading or Website Owner cannot guarantee the accuracy and completeness of any information, and they are not responsible if you rely on it. While BlackBird Trading makes every effort to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the information available on the server/service, we cannot guarantee that this is the case. BlackBird Trading cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage that you may suffer due to your use of the server/service. It is your responsibility to ensure that the information on the server/service is accurate and complete.

6. Warning re: Inaccurate or Offensive Information. Other BlackBird Trading members may post or send inaccurate, obscene, or offensive materials on the server. BlackBird Trading, Website Owner, its employees, agents, affiliates, licensees, and web hosting services are not responsible for these transmissions or the release of such information by others about you.

7. Right to monitor. BlackBird Trading, the Website Owner, reserves the right to monitor any materials posted in public areas. They also reserve the right to remove any information deemed offensive or incorrect by our staff. You are responsible for the content of the site.

8. Ownership, Copyrights, Trademarks, Licenses. BlackBird Trading and Website Owner own and retain all proprietary rights to the BlackBird Trading service, its trademark, and copyrights. Except for any information in the public domain, you cannot reproduce, transmit or distribute the proprietary information of BlackBird Trading and Website Owner. By posting information to BlackBird Trading and the Website Owner, you represent that you have the right to grant permission for use by BlackBird Trading and Website Owner.

9. No Warranties. BlackBird Trading and Website Owner provide the services on an “as is” basis and do not make any warranty, express, implied, limited, or other concerning the services offered. Expressly, BlackBird Trading and the Website Owner does not warrant that the service will always be available, be uninterrupted, be error-free, meet your requirements, or that any defects in the services will be corrected.


11. BlackBird Trading reserves the right to suspend or terminate the Server/Service’s operation for maintenance, repair work, or upgrade or update its content or functionality. BlackBird Trading cannot guarantee that the Server/Service, or any Server/Service’s pages or pages linked to it, will be available or accessible at all times.

12. BlackBird Trading reserves all rights to end your access to the Site, the related services, or any part thereof at its sole discretion. BlackBird Trading can also refund any membership fees at its discretion.

13. Severability. If any provision is found to be invalid, the remaining provisions will remain in full force and effect.

14. Certification. You certify that you are at least 13 years of age. If you are under 18, you may use BlackBird Trading only with the permission of a parent or guardian.

15. Entire Agreement. This Agreement contains your entire agreement with the Website Owner regarding any services.

16. Waiver. Website Owner’s inability to exercise or enforce any right of this Agreement will not be deemed a waiver. Website Owners or Website Owners must waive this Agreement in writing, and an authorized representative must sign it.

17. Acceptance by the client of risks and responsibility. Any content shared at Blackbird resource or operations made by Blackbird at users’ accounts using API connection is intended for the information and educational purposes only and is not a piece of investment advice or financial service. User accepts the usage of their funds for educational purposes at their own risk.

18. Portfolio management Blackbird does not provide any paid services. Blackbird is a non-profit organization. Portfolio management is provided to users for educational purposes only, while profit sharing is considered a donation in gratitude for free educational information. Blackbird provides information at its resources as it is and on a free access basis. Therefore, Blackbird does not bear any obligations or liabilities and retains the ability to stop providing portfolio management services or other services and donating a profit that user confirms that they agree and accept Terms of use. Additionally, a user donates profit and chooses its size at their desire. Therefore, donations are not refundable.