Futures & Spot Signals

We offer the most accurate Spot and Futures Signals for Binance exchange.

Market Analysis

We offer high-quality, detailed technical and fundamental analysis.


BlackBird professional traders provide signals based on technical analysis, market trends, patterns & order block concepts.


BlackBird Team constantly changes its strategies in response to market movements. As a result, it reduces trading risk and ensures consistent profits.


With our alerts on Telegram or Discord, you can easily make day trade and scalp trades on your own.

Personal Support

We have a fantastic team that will help you with any doubts, and we accept your request to analyze any crypto coin.

Who We Are

Our crypto analysts have more than 7 Years of expertise in the crypto trading industry, working 24/7 to deliver the best crypto signals, alerts, analyses, and strategies.

BlackBird Team’s primary focus is to provide outstanding service.

Combined with experience, all allow us to spot opportunities and convert them into profitable trades with stable results.

Why Choose Us

A Huge Pair Of Coins

We provide signals for a vast range of pairs; we also operate on the biggest crypto exchange, Binance.

Regular Market Updates

We provide regular market updates and information about BTC and market trends through daily reports and coin analyses.

Quality Signals daily

We provide signals every day, sometimes even 4-5 signals a day. Our signals are sent through our Telegram or Discord Channel.

Professional Analyzer Team

We have more than six years experience in Crypto trading and ten years in trading altogether. Our professional team works every day to provide profitable signals.

Portfolio Advice

We advise clients' portfolio positions and the percentage of portfolios they should hold in different coins as per market conditions.

Telegram & Discord Channel

Our signals are sent through our Telegram or Discord channel. We Provide real-time updates.

What we do?

Every day we work hard to find the best trades and give the most accurate forecast in a simple signal.

Technical Analysis

Top-quality technical analysis on Bitcoin and other crypto-assets can help you gain profits in any market condition.

Premium Channel

Enter profitable trades before anyone else spot them and exit before the sell-off starts. Then, join Premium Chat to receive personal assistance, advice, and support.

Individual analysis

Premium Chat allows you to ask for technical analysis of any coin you like. We will advise if it is worth taking a risk or not.

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